Founded in 1960 by Hank Simon



Hank Simon founded Trentypo, Inc. in 1960.  At its inception the idea was to give prompt, high-quality reproduction to the Printing Industry.

Before the days of desktop publishing, the two facilities at Trentypo Inc. housed Linotype machines, Varitype machines, foundry type, and paste-up artists.

Hot lead type capabilities were offered when Hank opened the doors in 1960, followed by the beginning of cold type in 1967.

The mid 1960's also saw the introduction of film and platemaking services.



In the late 1970's our first computer system was introduced.  A CPS 300 front end computer system was installed.

Followed up in 1983 with the addition of the CPS 1020, a cutting edge front end system that had a massive 6' x 6' footprint.

The mid to late 1990's marked the installation of our first digital print presses and large format poster printers.